It’s raining cats and dogs, but you need a model for your training tomorrow.You have approached a dozen of people, but only one of them might be interested.You are too busy to spend two hours looking for potential models in front of Topshop.

You might start thinking that model hunting is not your thing!

Here are some simple tips that will help you find the perfect hair model online.

1. Know exactly what you need.

Before starting looking for potential models, gather all the information that you need. If you are a trainee hairdresser, check with your teacher what requirements your model should meet.

You must know:

  • The gender
  • The hair type
  • The hair length
  • The techniques that you need to practice
  • The date and time.

2.Where find hair model online?

A platform like, which is entirely dedicated to hair model hunting, is a strong start.

You could also post ads on Facebook communities pages like “So Frenchie”, where French people posts anything that could benefits their community.

3. Compose the perfect/successful ad.

Add as much information as a potential model would need.

Write down:

  • The techniques that you will be practicing
  • Date and time of the appointment
  • The location of the salon
  • How long the service will take
  • Ifa patch test is needed
  • If the service is totally free of charge.

Upload relevant pictures with up to date styles.

Posting adverts with old-fashioned pictures will definitely not attract trendy models.Take time to browse Google with strong key words.

Pinterest is a fantastic source of up to date styles. Get an account and follow trendy hair boards.

Are you still looking for inspiring pictures? Browse the or galleries. You will find thousands of the latest styles.

Don’t forget to add your contact details

If you don’t feel comfortable to give up your contact details, set up another email address and get a cheap sim card that you will be using exclusively for your models.

4. Always ask for a portrait picture

A model just answered your ad and is available for the service that you are offering? First step: ask for a portrait picture. By asking for a portrait picture, you will have an idea of the current hairstyle of the model, hair colour, length and thickness of the hair.

The picture that you received is not clear enough? Feel free to ask for a better one.

If you are planning to practice short haircuts, ask your model for front and back pictures. You need to make sure that you will have enough hair to work with.

Qualify your model by asking as much questions as you need to.

Here are some examples:

  • What style do you have in mind?
  • How short are you willing to go?
  • Are you quite flexible with the style/length/colour?
  • Is it your natural hair colour?
  • When was the last time you cut/coloured your hair?
  • Is your hair naturally straight, wavy or curly?

Be clear on what you willbe practicing and what final result you will be aiming for. You should also inform your model on how long the service will take; as you want your model to allow enough time for the service that you will be providing.

Minimise the risk of cancellation.

Confirm with your model 1-day prior the appointment. If a model turns you down once; you shouldavoid rebooking this model, as it is likely that they will disappoint you again.

6. Keep a record of all your hair models

You have just finished your model’s hair and you are satisfied with the result, then take a picture.

Get a diary and write down the name of your model, the date, what techniques did you used, what you learn. You will be building a database of models that you could reuse in the future.

The models that replied to your ad

Make a list of the models that respond to your ad. You might need their contact if your model cancels at the last minute or for future sessions.

Benefits of online hair model hunting.

In the comfort of your home, simply post an ad and wait for models to contact you. It’s simple, quick and effective. No more rejection. You select the model that matches your requirements.

It’s time for you to try online model hunting!