Is your hair craving for a good cut but you are short of money?

Fortunately, there are many hairdressers in the U.S who are happy to offer you free or very cheap styling sessions.

Here are some tips on how you can get gorgeous hair without spending a fortune.

1. What to expect with hair modelling.

  • Being a hair model is the perfect way to get the latest hairstyles in ultra chic salons without breaking your piggy bank. Smart and professional salons host training sessions every week where styling, cuts and colours are offered for free or heavily discounted.
  • Trainees will be cutting your hair but will always be supervised by a senior stylist. Celebrity stylists also offer very affordable services.
  • Having your hair done for free doesn’t usually allow much freedom on the final result. Some hairdressers are more open than others. Generally, the more experienced the stylist, the less freedom you will have; although you will be offered more up to date hairstyles.
  • An appointment as a model normally takes longer than the usual hair appointment. Allow 3 hours for a cut, 4 hours for a colour.
  • Although most of the salons offers totally free services, some salons might charge a small fee to cover the price of the products used.
  • Appointments are usually between Monday to Thursday and within limited hours. It’s recommended that you book in a couple of weeks in advance.

2. What hairstyle do you have in mind?

Get an idea of the style you want to achieve before looking for adverts. It will narrow down your research.

Where to get inspiration?

A website like Pinterest is a fantastic source of up to date styles. Get an account and follow trendy hair boards.

3. Where to look for free hair services?, which is entirely dedicated to hair modelling, is a strong start.

4. Replying to ads.

Before replying to an advert, read the content properly! If the ad offers appointments between 10am to 5pm, do not ask if there are bookings available outside of the time offered.

Make sure that the style offered is exactly what you are looking for. If the ad specifies“short haircuts”, the hairdresser will dismiss your reply immediately if you answer that you want to keep your hair long.

Here are some questions you can ask your hairdresser if it is not specified in the ad:

  • What style the hairdresser wants to practice?
  • Will the hairdresser be showcasing in front of a class or a public?
  • Do you need a patch test for your colour?
  • What is the level of experience of the hairdresser? Will it be a trainee or a top stylist doing your hair?
  • Is the service totally free?
  • How long the service will take?
  • Where is the salon based? Make sure you are not going to somebody’s house.

Don’t forget to share your contact details (email and mobile phone number) with your hairdresser.

5. Send a picture of yourself.

Send a clear and recent portrait picture of your hair in its natural state. The stylist needs to have an idea of your current hairstyle, your hair colour, the length and thickness of your hair.

If your hair is short, send a front and back picture of your hair. This is to make sure that your hairdresser will have enough length to work with.

Free Haircuts Chicago

Good picture

Bad picture

6. Before showing up to your hair appointment.

Confirm with your hairdresser 1-day prior the appointment. If, unfortunately, you have to cancel your appointment, make sure to contact your hairdresser as soon as possible.

Whatever style you choose, stick to it! You won’t be able to change it when you come for the appointment.

7. Relax.

You just had a consultation with your stylist. You know exactly what final result to expect. Take a magazine and RELAX.
Let the hairdresser work on your hair. If a trainee hairdresser does your hair, don’t worry; the teacher is around to check.

8. Spread the word.

The haircut is finally done. You are happy with the final result and you look fantastic! Spread the word!
See what others have been saying about their experience!

“I love having my hair done by trainee hairdressers! Not only it’s free but it’s also an opportunity for me to have my hair done in top salons. Plus, they are more cautious and the final result is generally outstanding!”  Kira, London.

Has somebody complimented you on your new haircut? With your hairdresser’s approval, feel free to share their contact!