Is money tight at the moment but you need a haircut? From high end salons to hairdressing schools, here are 5 ways to get free or cheap haircuts in your area.

Why salons are offering free haircuts?

Most of the salons have apprentices that are learning hairdressing. These trainees need live models to practice their skills. Because the service will take longer than usual and you will have less options when it comes to the style, those salon offer the haircut for free.

The training is always supervised by a teacher and the standards are usually high. If a mistake happens, it is corrected straight away.

free gents haircuts

Sometimes, more experienced hairdressers need models to showcase a new technique for classes or hair shows. If you are not open to a radical make-over, make sure to ask what haircut is being demonstrated so you can decide whether you want to be a hair model.

It is a great opportunity to have a hair service in a high end salon without spending a fortune. You will also be able to try out some great hair products for free.

Where to find a free haircut online

The easier, quicker and more effective way to find a free haircut is on the Internet. Here are 3 ways to find free hair services online:

1) Be My Hair Model

Be My Hair Model is a platform dedicated to free or discounted hair services. Hairdressers place adverts regularly looking for hair models to practice on. Other services like styling (blow-dry, up-dos…) or colors are also available. Click here to start browsing for free or discounted haircuts in your area and contact hairdressers.
Alternatively, you can directly post a free advert on Be My Hair Model and express your interest in being a hair model. When posting your advert, choose the category “Models available”, add a picture of your current hairstyle and describe:

  • what hairstyle you would like to have done,
  • when are you available.

Click here to post an ad.

2) Classified websites

You will also find hairdressers offering free or discounted haircuts on classified websites like Gumtree or Craigslist. Just visit the “hair and beauty” category or type “free haircut” in the search bar. Then contact stylists offering the type of hairstyle that you are after in your area. Don’t forget to send a recent picture of your hairstyle.

free men haircut

3) Directly on the salon website

If you know the salon that you would like to have your service from, go directly on their website. Some hair salon have a contact form or an email address where you can express your interest in being a hair model.
The receptionist will then pass your details to the appropriate hairdresser or trainee.
Note that the waiting time might be longer than contacting directly the hairdresser.

Enquire directly in the hair salon of your choice

Go in the salon of your choice, preferably at the beginning of the week and ask the receptionist if the salon is looking for hair models. Don’t forget to ask what is the level of the trainees and if the hair service is totally free.

Hairdressing schools

hair model free haircut

Call the public hairdressing schools in your area and find out what services are offered, if they are free or discounted and when are the training sessions.

Salon franchises like Tony and Guy or Vidal Sassoon also have private hairdressing school offering discounted hair services. The standards are generally higher than the public school.
The training is always supervised by a professional licensed hairdresser.