Having a free haircut from a high end hair salon in your area sounds very attractive. But do you really know what to expect from a free haircut? Here are 9 points to consider before getting a freebie!

Haircut done by a trainee hairdresser

Free or discounted haircuts are usually offered by trainee hairdressers to learn and practice their techniques. Do not worry, trainees usually start practicing on mannequin heads then, when their skills are stronger, move on to live models. Moreover, a teacher always supervise the service to make sure the finish result is up to the salon standard.

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Longer appointment time

While a haircut generally take between 45min to an hour, a haircut performed by a trainee hairdresser can take up to 4 times longer. The teacher needs to showcase the technique on the model, check every step of the haircut and making sure the result is balanced.
So bring some snacks, avoid making plans afterwards, be patient and relax!
If you are lucky enough to have a creative director showcasing techniques on your hair, the appointment time might be shorter.

Appointments are during the week

Because training generally occur during the less busier days of the week, expect your appointment to be on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during the day.
Depending on the salon, some training sessions can take place after 6pm.

Less style options

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A trainee hairdresser has a series of haircuts that he/she has to performed before moving on to the next level of its training. For instance, an apprentice could perform a classic bob for weeks before being able to practice layers.

This is why it is really important to make sure that the haircut the trainee is offering is what you are after. For exemple, if a trainee needs to practice a pixie haircut (very short haircut), don’t ask to have only one inch off on your waist length hair.

Total make-over by creative directors

Sometimes, creative directors needs models to showcase new cutting techniques to the other members of the team or in front of a class. In this case, you might be asked to have a total make-over.
Make sure you know what end result you are getting before showing up to your appointment.

The result is generally outstanding

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Whether a senior stylist or a trainee hairdresser, your haircut will generally be outstanding. The teacher will always make sure that the result is always up to the salon standard.
Like my model Kira once told me “I love having my hair done by trainee hairdressers! Not only it’s free but it’s also an opportunity for me to have my hair done in top salons. Plus, they are more cautious and the final result is generally outstanding!”

You might not be able to have another haircut with the same stylist

By the time you are due for another haircut, the trainee might have moved on to another style. Unless you are willing to change haircuts, you might need to look for another stylist. If you are happy with the salon where you had your hair done, ask the trainee to pass your details to another trainee.

Haircut in front of a public

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Some senior stylists or creative directors might need to showcase their skills in front of their team members, students or a larger crowd (exhibition for instance). If you are a bit shy, make sure you ask your stylist what the free haircut entail.

You might be asked to be part of a hair show

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Some hair salons asked their apprentices to organise a show at the end of their training to showcase the skills they learned throughout the years. In this case, the trainee might ask you if you would be interested in being part of the show. You might need to “catwalk” like a real model in front of team members, friends and family. It’s a fantastic experience! If you are being asked, jump on the opportunity