Here are 7 tips to follow in order to get a great free haircut and avoid disappointment.

Before your free haircut

Click here to know what to expect with a free haircut. You will have more insight of what a free hair service entail.

Find out what hairstyle you would like

Knowing what haircut you would like will help you select the hairdresser according to the style they are offering. If you are ready for a change but you are not sure what to go for, click here to get some inspiration.

Contact hairdressers offering exactly the hairstyle you are after

If you are applying online as a hair model, make sure to contact only hairdressers that are offering exactly the haircut that you are after unless you are very flexible with your hairstyle.

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Having a free haircut doesn’t give you much options but the haircut that the trainee needs to practice.
For exemple, if you are browsing on Be My Hair Model for a free haircut and you just want to trim your bob, avoid contacting hairdresser looking for hair models to practice more intricate hairstyles. Based your judgment on the pictures attached with the ad.

You find an advert of a hairdresser offering the hairstyle that you are after, what to do next?

Send a recent portrait of yourself.

While contacting the hairdresser, also make sure to give as much information as possible about your hair like its thickness (fine, thick or medium) and its density (if you have lot of hair). If you have a scalp condition like dandruff or psoriasis, mention it to your stylist too.

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Confirm your appointment the day before

The hairdresser should be confirming with you but in case he/she hasn’t, make sure to do so. That will avoid double booking and disappointment if the stylist can’t do your hair.

During your appointment

Ask for more details about the haircut during the consultation

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The consultation is one of the most important part of your haircut. During the consultation, the stylist will have a look to your hair, ask about your hair maintenance and how much length you are willing to cut off.
Make sure to ask for as much details as possible about your haircut to avoid disappointment. Once you agreed with the haircut, there is no going back.


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Grab a magazine, watch some videos on your phone or read a book. You are in good hands. The teacher will come regularly and check the advancement of the haircut. The more steady you are, the more accurate your haircut will be.
If you are a bit concerned about the length of your hair, feel free to ask to see the back after the first snip has been done.

After the haircut

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The student will normally show you the back and the sides of the final result. Ask for some styling tips and products recommendation to recreate the style. It’s a good exercise for the student.
If the result is different from what you have discussed during the consultation, raise your concern to the teacher but still keep in mind that the trainee is still learning.